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History of Bakin-n-Makin

Bakin-n-Makin homemade southern cakes and candy desserts was born out of a need to bring a taste of southern hospitality and a taste of home to Worcester. In 2009 when the company was founded, there were no cake baking and candy making companies dedicated to desserts made popular in the south which could use this as a way to create jobs for citizens in the urban community of Worcester.

Manufacturing jobs has disappeared when many of the new health and bio-tech industry moved into the community. Citizens with no or low skills set to obtain the new jobs that were being developed by the growing health and bio-tech industry. The Skills Group Center, Inc. established the Bakin-n-Makin Cakes and Candy Company with a focus around creating jobs in a candy factory using the homemade southern delightful desserts. Our family often made candy in our home, especially during the holidays that we gave away as gifts. We are so proud of all of our creations that we are so confident of our products that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Social Mission

Bakin-n-Makin rich history features both story of baking excellence and social innovation and sustainability; which has a active social mission and job policy, our unique operation position as the local organization for community development work.

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